• Join me, Roger Niner, in all amounts of tom-foolery and ne'er-do-wellery.

  • Sunday - Butter - 9pm-close11th and Folsom, San Francisco


"Detest bad music but do not despise it. As it is played, and especially sung, much more passionately than good music, it has much more than the latter been impregnated, little by little, with man's tears. Hold it therefore in veneration. Its place, nonexistent in the history of art, is immense in the sentimental history of nations." – Marcel Proust

Hey everybody, after talking to my doctor and getting the advice of other health professionals, friends and family, as well as honoring efforts by the city of San Francisco to deter the spread of COVID-19, I am postponing all Roger Niner Karaoke shows for the time being. I'm thinking of ways to do virtual karaoke meetups (I do work for a company that facilitates such a thing after all!), and other ways to stay connected. This has not been an easy decision for me to make, but I feel it is the right choice in the face of all this uncertainty. Please stay safe out there, support every local business that you can possibly think of, in any way you can. We need to have each others backs, and I am so grateful for everyone, throughout the years, who have had mine. I'll see you out there singing soon, I promise!