• Join me, Roger Niner, in all amounts of tom-foolery and ne'er-do-wellery.

  • Sunday - Butter - 9pm-close11th and Folsom, San Francisco

Go epic, or go home!

"Detest bad music but do not despise it. As it is played, and especially sung, much more passionately than good music, it has much more than the latter been impregnated, little by little, with man's tears. Hold it therefore in veneration. Its place, nonexistent in the history of art, is immense in the sentimental history of nations." – Marcel Proust

I'll open your mind, shake your ass, shuffle your shizzle, cast you off, reel you in, rent out your heart to a loving couple, make tea in your soul, rake your leaves, find you a puppy, melt your brain, solve your puzzles, get you off The Island, take your temperature, sooth your aching nerves, reach your stars, bend your perception of space/time, AND give you back $0.97 in change, all in the name of Rock and/or Roll BAY AREA KARAOKE!